A tour in the medieval arabic district of Palermo: the Kalsa

Walking tour

piazza Marina, Chiaramonte Palace (from outside), corso Vittorio Emanuele, Santa Maria della Catena church (from outside), Porta Felice, Wall of the Captives, piazza Kalsa, Santa Maria della Pietà church, via Alloro, Gancia church and its cloister, basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi, Magione church, Spasimo.


Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: easy

Departure: from Hotel Alessandra - h 09.30

Price: € 15.00 adults | € 10.00 kids

The churches visited along the tour are usually open. If not, we are not responsible

The Kalsa is the medieval arabic district of Palermo, built during the Muslim occupation of Sicily. The name Kalsa comes to us from “al Khalisa”, meaning “the chosen”. This was the administrative centre of the city, and once it was a fortified citadel, a place where the emir and his ministers and court lived. Strolling down this fascinating area you will discover a mixture of different architectural styles, while exploring some of the city’s most precious churches and baronial palaces.




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