A tour to discover two of the oldest outdoor markets of Palermo: Capo and Vucciria

Walking tour

Via Maqueda, Capo market, Immacolata Concezione church, Sant’Agostino church and its cloister, piazza Beati Paoli, via Bandiera, San Domenico church, Vucciria market, the statue of the Genius of Palermo, piazza Marina and its palaces.


Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: easy

Departure: from Hotel Alessandra - h 09.30

Price: € 15.00 adults | € 10.00 kids

The churches visited along the tour are usually open. If not, we are not responsible

Narrow labyrinthine streets, colours, smells and sounds give these markets the atmosphere of arabic suk. There is no better way to taste Palermo than to immerse yourself in this vibrant melting pot of food and traditions brought by the populations who occupied the island over past centuries. We will also discover works of art of great value: relevant masterpieces of Palermitan baroque architecture, one of the statues of the “Genio”, city’s mysterious symbol, precious frescoes, stuccoes and the history of the legendary secret sect called Beati Paoli.




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